Frequently Asked Questions

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You choose which box(es) you would like, fill in the form online and send it through to us. You will receive an email which will ask you to set up a payment, and once in receipt of that we’ll get your order packed and delivered to you, at a place of your choosing. You can choose a one-off order if you wish to try it first to see if the box is suitable for you. We do ask that customers commit to a minimum of 4 boxes when setting up a regular order. Check out this week's veg.

What can I expect from my box?

Many customers who buy fruit and vegetables from supermarket are used to a certain standard and quality when they visit. Many ugly items are discarded, which are perfectly edible, and they last much longer because they are treated with chemicals, additives and preservatives. When you buy organic, we don’t discard items due to the way they look, and therefore there is less waste. (We've all heard stories about farmers having to throw out half their produce because the veg doesn't fit the supermarket companies' demands for perfection). However, organic items won’t last as long as supermarket items, and they must be used quicker.  Because they decay quicker, it can seem like items aren’t as fresh, but they are still perfectly edible. It is important that customers are aware of this when buying fresh organic produce. However, you can have complete peace of mind regarding the food you receive.

If you like to eat seasonally and are happy to try new things then a box is perfect for you. You will get some veggies that you won't ever have seen in any supermarket or local shop. Indeed you will get veggies that you might never have heard of! You may find things that you don't like, and other things you will love, but you won't know until you try them. This is the beauty of the box scheme, you get things you might never choose because you don't know what it is, or you've seen it in supermarkets but always walked past it because you've never know what it is or tastes like. This is your chance to try it, and sometimes you'll be amazed!

Should I wash my veg?

Yes, you should always give your veg a wee wash just before eating due to possible harmful bacteria, but you can eat the skin on many of your veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger, swede, carrots, and so on) as there are no nasty chemicals, which is great news as there are tonnes of nutrients packed right under the skin!

How do I pay?

We ask for payment in advance, which you can do by bank transfer for the first box. For regular deliveries we recommend that you set up a standing order. You may pay by debit or credit card, as well as cash. Full details can be found in our payment section.

What time will my box arrive?

We cannot give a specific time as there are many factors to consider when delivering such as school holiday periods, adverse weather, cancellations and so on.

What happens if I’m not at home?

You can leave delivery instructions when placing your order telling us where you’d like the box left – in a Wendy house, a shed, under a bush even! Yes, we do get such requests! We even get requests to put the veg into the boots of cars at a place of work! If you live in a flat and have a buzzer entry system, you may like to provide a door entry key/fob. We have several customers who do this, and it lets us leave the box outside their flat door rather than being left on the street. You can let us know via email, phone or via our contact page.

Please note that it is your responsibility to take your box in, and you should know what day your delivery is scheduled for. We will leave the box in an agreed upon place, if one is given, but we cannot be held responsible for what happens after it has been left. If you wish to provide a cover for the box, please let us know that you have left one out.

What if I'm not happy with something in my box?

While we do our best to give you the freshest veg possible there will be times when something is missed or doesn't live up to your expectations. Bear in mind some things won't last as long as in the supermarket or won't look as perfect, and this is to be expected. However, if you do have any issues you must notify us immediately, otherwise we cannot take appropriate action. We cannot act upon complaints weeks after receiving them. 

I’m going away on holiday, can I suspend my order?

Absolutely. However, as we are a small box scheme operator, knowing how many customers we are going to have when planning our harvesting and ordering from our suppliers is vital to how the business runs. Therefore we ask that you let us know 2 weeks in advance so that we can adjust our harvesting and ordering for the week or weeks you will be away. This avoids unnecessary waste going on the compost heap and loss of income for the co-operative.

What if I need to cancel?

We understand that things happen at short notice, so if you need to cancel an order for any other reason you need to let us know by 4pm on Monday of the delivery week. Please note that there is a cancellation fee of £5 if you cancel after the Monday cut-off.

If you cancel a box after on delivery day or after close of business on Wednesday, the box will be fully chargeable, as the box has already been packed. Instead, we can deliver to a neighbour or family member if you are going to be away, thereby saving the produce going to waste, and also avoiding a charge for a box you won’t be able to use.

(We make these charges because our veg is picked and ordered on the basis of customer numbers for the coming week. When cancellations are made after the cut-off point it means that fruit and veg will go to waste. Organic veg has a shorter shelf life than non-organic, and in most cases cannot be put out for resale the following week. The work put into allocating, invoicing, packing and money lost as a result is also considered.)

Can I change my order?

Yes! Just let us know by 4pm on Monday. Any changes made after this won’t take effect until the following week.

Can I change the contents of my box?

Small box schemes work differently from the way shops and supermarkets do. You are buying local, in-season produce, and you are actively supporting a different food system with less wastage and sustainability at its heart.

With this is mind, it is preferable that we choose the contents for you. We plan our boxes based on the produce we have and what's in season and this allows us to run the scheme more efficiently. It also allows us to keep the cost of the box down as they'd be double the price they are now if we had a completely bespoke system.  However, if you wish to change one or two items as charge of £1.50 will be applied for the time involved.

I don't want a set box, can I order specific items?

The box scheme is the heart of what we do for the reasons mentioned above, but we can tailor a bespoke box for a fee of £3.50. Please bear in mind that what you request will be entirely dependent on availability. A minimum order of £10 is required.  Contact us for more information.

I don't want veg, can I order fruit only?

If you wish to order you must order a minimum of £8, and a £2 delivery charge will be added.

Can I specify that I only want locally grown produce?

We cannot guarantee that a box will only contain local produce. While we strive to ensure that we include as much locally grown produce as possible, there are many factors that don't allow for this, such as the Scottish weather, soil conditions and the amount of daylight throughout the year. In the summer it is normally quite easy to do, but as we go through winter and the Hungry Gap the produce available becomes very limited. At times this means that there may be next to nothing in your box, which I am sure you would not want! Therefore, we try to source produce from our local suppliers, and then we cast our net throughout Scotland, then the UK and Europe. However, it will always be organic.

Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver to all areas of the city and cover many areas of Aberdeenshire from Wednesday to Friday, delivering to specific areas each day. Please check our Delivery page for a list of our areas and the days we deliver to them.

Do you have a shop? 

No, we are simply a box scheme operator and our service is delivery based.

Can I visit the farm?

The farm is a working site with tractors and vehicles coming and going. The track to the farm is very narrow and potted, and is not really suitable for visitors to the site. In winter the site can be particularly hazardous as we are on a hill and it gets very icy, becoming a health and safety issue. Therefore, we do not encourage visitors to the farm; however, there are occasions when people want to pick up their veg box from us. This must be done by arrangement, and is not something that can be done regularly.